Art Bundles for Good #7 is back! There is a giveaway beginning today!

Hello my artsy friends,

Win a spot on the Art Bundle for Good #7 giveaway Enter as many times as you like. The giveaway runs until May 3rd, after which the bundle goes on sale for 5 days only. (This is the same giveaway as November 2022).

This is the best deal in online art classes you will find. There are over 90 artists contributing 111+ art courses and resources with a value of over $5700! I am honored to have been chosen to contribute a class along with an amazing group of artists.

25% of the profits from the sale are going to Courageous Kitchen, a Bangkok based charity helping refugees. We’ve raised US$101,782 for charity so far.

Go to the giveaway here.

I am honored to be teaching a course in this bundle. 😊

Good luck and happy crafting!


NB This is the same Art Bundle 7 from November 2022.

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