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How to Make a Fairy Cottage with Creative Paperclay®: Part Two

Hello! Welcome to part two of How to Make a Fairy Cottage with Creative Paperclay®. Today I will show you how to decorate your Creative Paperclay® Fairy Cottage. This is my favorite part! First, watch the fairy’s cottage come alive as it is painted in your favorite fairy colors! Next we will attach it to a… Read More How to Make a Fairy Cottage with Creative Paperclay®: Part Two

Creative Paper Clay Sculptures

Christmas Skelly

Sometime ago I did an online art retreat called Artful Gathering Online Retreat. I chose a course taught by David H. Everett, also known as Chicken Lips. I learnt how sculpt these cute little skeletons with Creative Paper Clay. I wanted an unusual Christmas ornament so I decided to make a Christmas skeleton using the techniques I… Read More Christmas Skelly

Paper Mache sculptures

Whimsical Owl

Once again I found myself applying art journaling to my sculptures. This time a cute little owl was born. “Believe in yourself” are such wise words, and what better to hear that from than a wise old owl! 🙂 I made him with paper mache clay and decorated with newspaper and acrylics.


Paper Mache Clay

Jonni Clay I discovered Jonni’s website when I 1st started paper mache sculpting about 7 years ago. She has a fabulous clay recipe which I have been using since then. It dries hard and is very durable. All my pieces are still in pristine condition.