Clay Talk: Making Armatures for your Sculptures

clay talk

The armature is the skeleton of your sculpture, the “bones” that support the actual body of the sculpture. An armature is needed when working with air dry clays. It can be anything from a bottle to the cardboard tube that comes on a toilet roll or paper towel. I recently did a show on Armatures that can be used with Creative Paperclay®. I have included the video below. I go over sculptures that I have made and what I have used as armatures.

For those of you interested in sculpting, I host a show called Clay Talk on Facebook live the first Thursday in every month. It is on the Creative Paperclay Modeling Material Facebook page. If you miss the live show don’t worry. I will be posting the videos here. Below is the show on armatures.

I hope this was helpful. If you have any questions just ask away in the comment section below. You can also learn a lot on the Creative Paperclay Q & A Group on Facebook. Don’t forget to join the live show the 1st Thursday of every month.

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