A Creative Paperclay® Voodoo Doll

A Creative Paperclay® Voodoo Doll

Hello, welcome to my blog. My latest design team post is a creepy but cute Voodoo Doll. I have always been fascinated with different cultures and their variety of religious art or dieties. I think understanding their way of thinking and why they believe in certain rituals can only make me a better and more open-minded person. There is always a reason!

My Voodoo doll is more a work of art. Of course, I used Creative Paperclay® to make this little fellow. I think he is adorable.

A Creative Paperclay® Voodoo Doll
A Creative Paperclay® Voodoo Doll

Visit the Creative Paperclay® Blogfor a fun tutorial. You can find Creative Paperclay® online at Creative Paperclay Co and also at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Dickblick and Amazon. 

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