A Beautiful Church for Christmas

Hello my crafty friends, Last week I had to create a sculpture for my regular design team post for Creative Paperclay®. I usually do Christmas themed sculptures this time of year but I haven’t been feeling very Christmasy. It’s been a rough year, with a lot of bad childhood memories flooding back. These memories have been buried deep for many many years and having them resurface has brought on a mix of emotions; shock, confusion and despair. I have been numb for ages now so needless to say finding inspiration has been hard!

With the release of the new Christmas Grinch movie I thought OK, that’s me, the Christmas Grinch! I will sculpt the Grinch. I made my armature and began adding clay but I just was not feeling it. Back to the drawing board. I went through my half finished sculptures and found  a Christmas village I had started last year. Then it came to me, a church for my Christmas village. 


Churches remind us of the true meaning of Christmas and bring you sense of warmth and comfort. I suppose that’s why I was drawn to this particular sculpture.  I think it came out great. Don’t you?



You can find full instructions on how I made this beautiful church at creativepaperclay.blogspot.com.  Enjoy making your sculpture and I do hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

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