New Skillshare Class: Carving a Simple Rubber Stamp

carving a simple rubber stamp

Hi everyone, great news! I just published a new class on Skillshare and guess what? It is free until May 31st, 2018! This course is called Carving a Simple Rubber Stamp and it is great for beginners.

skillshare class

skillshare class

When I began my journey in mixed media and art journaling, I couldn’t get my hands on enough tools and supplies. I was like an addict! Of course, like a lot of crafters, I like to make my own tools. I soon started my research and learnt how to carve a simple stamp. This, of course, led to me do a full-blown course in printmaking, but that’s another story.

I recently decided that I want to start sharing all my knowledge and started exploring teaching platforms. Last month I published Gelatin Printmaking: Making Decorative Papers on Skillshare. This was my very first class.  Carving a Simple Rubber Stamp is my second class. It is the first in a series of classes I plan on doing exploring how to make your own texture tools for art journaling and mixed media. ( In an upcoming course, I show you how to use styrofoam trays to make texture tools. This too will be on Skillshare so stay tuned!)

I use Speedball carving blocks and tools in this class as they are great for beginners. You, of course, can use whatever you have available to you. You can access this class here. If you are not yet a member of Skillshare you should seriously consider joining it. It is such a diverse community with courses in so many different areas. For instance,  I am an artist but I need to know all about social media to market my art and my courses. I can learn all about this on Skillshare and it won’t cost me anything more as my annual subscription includes all free and premium classes on the platform! I have done courses in filming, recording voiceovers, photography, WordPress, web design and making Japanese food. You name it, it’s there!

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out my new class.

Happy crafting!




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