DIY Easter Bunny Using Creative Paperclay®

Easter Bunny Video
Hello and welcome to another post. I just finished making this adorable Easter bunny basket and would love to share with you a tutorial so you can make one too. What is so special about this sculpture is that it is made from a plastic cheese tub and some old cardboard. This is a good way of recycling!

Easter Bunny Basket

The supplies you will need are:
small container for shape of basket (I used a cheese container)
wire mesh (This is for the ears. If you don’t have this use a thin cardboard like a cereal box)
card board
white glue
Americana Multi Surface Satin Paint – Brown Sugar & White Birch
acrylic paint – black, white and blue
sculpting tools
glue and and sticks
spray varnish
small piece of burlap for texture (optional)
Gather your supplies and follow along in the video below.
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Happy Easter and thanks for stopping by!

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