Whimsical Bottle Doll

Every year I sign up for Life Book, an online year-long art journaling course full of inspiration by Tamara Laporte and her fabulous group of teachers. We tend to do a lot of cute whimsical faces, but of course, they are paintings and drawings rather than sculptures.  As I am a sculptor at heart, I decided I was going to make a mixed media doll using the same whimsical approach, but with clay. I used a glass bottle for the base and a styrofoam ball along with some foil for the head and neck. Once I had everything in place I covered with Creative Paper Clay. I decorated with acrylics and attached some yarn for the hair.  I still thought she needed something else so I added some flowers, lace and rhinestones. I also gave her a cute little hairstyle. She stands at 11″ tall.

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