Paper Mache Paste Recipes

There are many great recipes out there for paper mache paste. This is a collection of recipes I have found. I have tried Stolloweens recipe and it is my favourite. I have also used wallpaper paste mixed with pva glue. My approximate measurements are 1 part wallpaper paste (mixed according to package directions), I part PVA glue and 1 part water. I used this recipe to make this bunny about 7 years ago and she is still looking like new.

Paper Mache Rabbit, 2008


For those of you who prefer store bought glues, Elmers’ Art Paste works too.


Stolloween Studios has a great article going over different types of paste out there that have been tried and tested.  It really is up to you what you prefer.  Types of paper mache paste.

One problem I have run into using the flour based paste is little critters moving in!


See that powder on my leaf? I am not sure why they moved into this piece in particular. I have made pumpkins with the same recipe and they are fine. I used paper towels to cover this leaf as opposed  to newspaper so maybe it was more porous and never sealed properly. It remains a mystery!

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