Paper Mache Clay

Jonni Clay

I discovered Jonni’s website when I 1st started paper mache sculpting about 7 years ago. She has a fabulous clay recipe which I have been using since then. It dries hard and is very durable. All my pieces are still in pristine condition.
I also love the texture of this clay. It gives a certain depth to the piece that you cannot achieve with paper strips.

Scooby Doo made in 2010 with Jonni Clay
Scooby Doo made in 2010 with Jonni Clay

Below is the video for Jonni’s paper mache clay.



Paper Clay by Stolloween Studio

This recipe by Stolloween is also very easy to use. He starts with a paper mache paste and adds cellulose insulation and joint compound to make a paper clay. I have used this recipe also. It has a more texture than Jonni Clay as the paper insulation is not as fine as the toilet paper she uses. This also dries very hard.



  1. Hi! The amounts of clay that Jonni makes on her videos is kind of small. I guess my question is . . . is that because you have to use what you make quickly, and can’t store it long in an airtight container?


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