Magical Fairies

I have always been fascinated with magical creatures.  My favorite childhood author was Enid Blyton and her series called The Faraway Tree.  The Wishing Chair was also a favorite. Goblins, gnomes and fairies still exist in my imagination today. Many of my pieces stem from these mythical creatures.  This piece in particular is a work in progress. It started out as a fairy sitting on a mushroom and then the mushroom evolved. Now there are mice living in the mushroom and gardening outside.  Every time I think I am finished the piece something else pops into mind! I still haven’t given her wings though. I need to work on that next.


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This is truly a mixed media piece. It’s predominantly paper mache clay but I also used cold porcelain clay to make the flowers, polymer clay for the leaves and air dry clay for some facial features and the pumpkins. There is garden moss, cute little wheelbarrows and gardening tools from my favorite craft store. I used acrylics to paint the piece, some charcoal to add shadows and a spray varnish.  If you look under tutorials at the top of the page I have links to videos for both the paper mache clay recipe an the cold porcelain clay recipe used in this piece.

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